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     Zhongxiang Jin Xiang automobile axle co., LTD. Was established in1993Years,Cover an area of an area30000Square meters,The construction area12000Square meters。With four advanced automotive half shaft production lines,Capable of producing heavy、In the、Light vehicle axle shaft100All the production capacity。The company throughIATF16949:2016Quality management system certification,“Jin Xiang”Since the half axle2002Since many consecutive terms was named“Hubei province famous trademark”And“Hubei famous brand”。Mainly with the east wind、Beijing auto fukuda、Zoomlion host etc……
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Address:Hubei zhongxiang double river industrial park
The phone:0724-4836503
The mailbox:kingxa@capeifa.cn
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South Korean modern lee Shi picks long line of investigation Jin Xiang half shaft
My company throughIATF16949:2016Quality management system certification
About enabled“JX”The announcement of trademarks
“Phoney”Defeat“Li kui”,Fraud will eat bitter fruit The first6189881Number“
Improve the protection consciousness To maintain the brand image Our company was fake“Jin Xiang”Trademark formally
Wanton fraud will eat bitter fruit Kaida suffered severe punishment
Let Jin Xiang become a dark horse Remember Jin Xiang generation son auspicious automobile axle co., LTD. General manager
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The company address:Hubei zhongxiang double river industrial park The phone:0724-4836503 Fax:0724-4836539 Technical support:Zhong Xiang fast network science and technology

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