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Industry successful cases of tens of thousands of maintenance,Self-help service every customer

Shanghai yangon electronic technology co., LTD., is committed to industrial automation equipment design and manufacture of debugging maintenance of science and technology enterprises。

Shanghai yangon electronic technology co., LTD., is committed to the design of industrial automation equipment development and production debugging as well as a variety of automated electronic equipment、Instruments such as(Industrial computer、PLC、Touch screen、Servo drives、The inverter、Switching power supply、Servo motor and all kinds of the card)The maintenance of chip level of science and technology enterprises。The company in electronic circuit design、Development, maintenance and control cabinet software programming design of CNC system maintenance、Maintenance、The ability to upgrade,And bump long chip level of various complex circuit board repair work。

Corporate philosophy

Hope to the company's good reputation exquisite technology to help the enterprise to solve the long downtime due to equipment failure、Timely after-sales services、No spare parts or spare parts purchasing cycle is long brought about by the high production cost。Spare parts reserve cost higher problems of various kinds of influence production efficiency,In order to reach the purpose of double win together。

Technical characteristics

Contact device type,The whole device information,Rich experience。Can provide all sorts of equipment maintenance outsourcing services business。Use of advanced test equipment maintenance,Can be online testing of integrated circuit logic functions,For a programICThe chip,Can read and write procedures for storage replication chip,For encryptionICThe chipPLCTouch screen can decrypt the service,No drawings maintenance of chip level,Without being limited by the brand and industry

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Value innovation,To create a win-win situation


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